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Are You Interested To Lose Your Weight By Taking Clenbuterol?

Do you want to lose your weight by taking Clenbuterol drop or pill? You can certainly get best results by using Clenbuterol without any negative side effects. The exact dose that you need in order to get right outcome may vary from person to person. In addition, after taking this drug for few months, your body gets used to Clen and also its fat burning effects. Therefore one should start with minimum dose and then slowly increase its level. You must make sure not to increase the maximum safe limits. It will help to avert side effects.

Minimum and maximum dosage level of men and women differ.  Make sure that you do not exceed the recommended dosage level in order to remain safe from major side effects.

How to start Clenbuterol cycle?

If you are a beginner then you must know the right way to take Clenbuterol for the first cutting cycle. Whether you are a regular user or a first time user of Clenbuterol, you must take exactly the same dosage level to start with. Men should start with 40 mcg per day while women must start with 20 mcg per day. This is very mild dose and hence you will not feel its effect in the first few days.

Monitor your body for any signs of side effects for 3 to 4 days. If your body tolerates the dosage level then you must start increasing 20 mcg per day. Usually women are little more sensitive to side reactions and therefore they should keep a close watch.

How much can you increase your dosage?

The maximum dosage level suggested for men is 140 mcg per day and women can go up to 100 mcg per day. If you exceed this limit then you will be open to side effects. In some rare cases women can also go as high as 140 mcg per day however that is under any extra ordinary condition. If men ever exceed 200 mcg levels then he is taking a life threatening risk.

Use Clenbuterol during cutting cycle

Common Clenbuterol ciclo emagrecer [cutting cycle] is 2 weeks on and next 2 weeks off with slow increase of the dosage till you reach its maximum levels. You will increase the dosage of 20 mcg per day for one week and then start reducing 20 mcg daily for remaining one week. Since, half life of this drug is 48 hours the dose will be active in your body for next two days.