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Get the Best Body Transformation you are looking for using Dianabol

Dianabol (Dbol) is the brand name given for Methandrostenolone. It is a performance enhancing drug meant for professional athletes who wants lean muscle mass. Being an anabolic steroid, it is responsible for increasing muscle mass, enhance performance, and boost overall body strength within 4-8 weeks of consumption.

If you see the before and after pictures of those who are regularly taking Dianabol, you can surely see the difference on your own. You will be surprised to see how the body transforms within such period after using this steroid.

Since it is strongly anabolic and androgenic, it is detected in bloodstream for 5-6 weeks even after Dianabol is discontinued.  It is due to this reason that players quite often use this injectable testosterone to gain competitive advantage over other players. The massive popularity of this drug among athletes has made it available in almost every drugstore and remains highly popular till date.

Outcomes and Transformations

This chemical is not just helpful in retaining lean muscle but also redefines your muscle definition, nitrogen retention, fat reduction, protein synthesis, stamina, and total performance. In fact Dianabol is much more effective than testosterone for stimulating continuous muscle growth and lessening tendency to bind the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

Getting Best Transformation using Dianabol

An added advantage of Dianabol is that it delivers best results in shortest possible time and also ensure that these gains becomes permanent in nature using metabolic action. All though you’ll be amazed by seeing the pictures of Dianabol side effects, it is generally because of the mistake done while taking the steroids. It can be due to wrong dosage or unbranded products.

So, you want to try out, remember that to attain the best results, you have to combine it with nutritional diet and heavy work-out. Since it also regularises the physiological function of the body, it induce sleep and also stabilises mental wellbeing.


Usually for male athletes, the recommended dose of Dianabol is 50-150 mg/week if taking on injectable form and 25-50 mg/day if taking orally in the form of tablets. But it should always be taken under close medical supervision keeping in mind past medical history. Somebody who is already on steroids work should not go for Dianabol as it may lead to some side-effects.


Since the last 15 years this muscle building product is very popular drug in the US. Doctors all across the globe recommend and prescribe this for all aspiring athletes. It is a boon in the bodybuilding world owing to the significant transformation before and after using Dianabol steroids.