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SI Joint Dysfunction Causes And Treatments

Do you suffer from lower back pain and dismiss it as over-exertion, strain or too much exercise? Is your pain getting worse, perhaps new symptoms appearing in spite of over-the-counter medications or your belief that resting will likely relieve your symptoms? The truth is that you could potentially suffer from sacroiliac joint dysfunction. 

Learn about conditions affecting the SI joint that potentially result in significant pain, possible decreased mobility and other consequences. Discover treatments available to help relieve your symptoms and improve SI joint function, including minimally invasive treatments utilizing cutting edge technology such as that offered at Miami Spine Specialists.

What Is SI Joint Dysfunction?

Sacroiliac joint pain occurs with dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint. Located at the junction of the spine and pelvis, the SI joints carry the load from the upper portion of the body to the lower portion of the body. Consumer Health Digest explains that several causes potentially cause dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint, including degeneration of the cartilage, trauma or when one leg is a different length than the other. Pregnant women can also experience the dysfunction. The result of SI joint dysfunction is that the individual often experiences considerable pain and inflammation.

Healthline reports that SI joint dysfunction is responsible for at least 15 to 30 percent of cases of people reporting suffering from chronic lower back pain, a leading cause of missed work days, and disability in the United State. Sacroiliitis, an inflammatory condition, encompasses the numerous conditions that have the potential to lead to the SI joint dysfunction, causing the subsequent pain experienced by people who report low back

How Can I Get Relief From My SI Joint Pain?

Although rest and exercise possibly lead to some relief of the SI joint pain, that relief is only temporary. The underlying cause of the pain needs treatment to obtain improvement in the sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Treating the underlying conditions likely offers the best options for many people, including the greatest opportunity to relieve the pain and improve function.

Miami Spine Specialists offer outstanding, personalized treatment for SI joint dysfunction, utilizing cutting edge technologies. Minimally invasive procedures mean having the potential ability to recover more quickly than more invasive procedures. Many individuals receive treatments that do not mean having surgery. Non-surgical procedures often provide excellent relief for SI joint dysfunction.

Receive your consultation to determine the cause of your lower back pain and to discuss SI joint dysfunction treatment that is ideal for you from specialists and staff that provide top-notch care for every patient.